NYACS Fine Arts Competition 2017

Our annual Junior/Senior High Fine Arts Competition was held on March 3.

God blessed us with Christian school students from across New York State from Yonkers to Buffalo and all points in between. We were thankful for great weather – which is always uncertain in March.
The students did an outstanding job representing their schools and more importantly their Savior. They competed in all areas of music (vocal, instrumental, small groups, etc.), art (painting, woodwork, photography, etc.), speaking (preaching, humorous reading, etc.) and homemade crafts.
Our goal is threefold, helping students:
(1) discover their gifts and talents;
(2) develop their gifts and talents; and
(3) deploy their gifts and talents in the service of the King.
Each school supplied judges that evaluated the students work or performance. Winners were announced at the closing rally, and given a medal. Those who scored high enough and won their competition were invited to compete at the American Association of Christian Schools’ National Competition at Bob Jones University which will be held on April 4-6.
Medals were also presented for the NYACS Academic Competition that was done on-line in January.